JFA VS5HI - Voltmeter




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  • The VS5HI Voltmeter and Sequencer is distinguished by performing 3 functions in the same equipment, high-voltage voltmeter, low-voltage voltmeter and sequencer.
  • This voltmeter also acts as a sequencer that connects the amplifiers one by one, avoiding voltage spikes that could damage the equipment.
  • Because it has a Remote function, it automatically switches off each amplifier in case of voltage fluctuations.
  • It has 5 remote outputs
  • Replaces the use of relays
  • Measurement from 9.5V to 17V (Low voltage measurement)
  • Measurement up to 500V (High Voltage Measurement)
  • Low voltage protection: <9.5V
  • High voltage protection: >17V
  • Low voltage measurement: maximum 17V
  • High voltage measurement: maximum 500V
  • Output current: 150mA
  • Protection against voltages below 9.5V and above 17V
  • 3 mode: HOLD, ON (permanent measurement) and OFF (standard operation)
  • Dimensions: 10 x 57 x 17mm


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