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Helix HX DSP 8 channel

Helix HX DSP 8 channel
Sold out

Helix HX DSP 8 channel



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HELIX Digital Sound Processor ""HX DSP""

“Helix German Car Hifi” The name says it all, Helix is ​​German solid. Helix is ​​part of Audiotec Fischer, which also develops Brax and Match car audio. Helix products are known for their good price-performance ratio. With a wide product range, there are also plenty of options for you. Choose Helix if you want perfectly finished products that are handmade and also well priced.


RCA 2-4 Volt (internally adjustable) - Standard 4 Volt
High level 5-11 volts (internally adjustable) - Standard 11 volts
(Equivalent to 6 - 30 Watts RMS - not max. power)
8 x RCA outputs
1 x Remote Out
Output voltage max. 4 volts RMS
Frequency range 10 Hz - 22000 Hz
DSP 56-bit resolution
DSP processing power 172MHz

Windows interface - Communication via USB 2.0
MicroSD slot to load DSP settings without connecting the DSP to a PC
Dedicated audio DSP with 56-bit resolution - optimized for the highest sound quality
Freely configurable and outputs
30-band graphic EQ per channel with a fine-tuning of the individual bands in 1/24 octave and the quality setting between 0.5 and 15, delay of 7 mm steps, all established filter characteristics, and more
Inputs: 6 x RCA, 4 x Line Level, 1 x Optical, 1 x Control Input and USB MicroSD
Outputs: 8 x RCA output and remote control
Extremely compact dimensions: 40 x 177 x 120 mm
The Power Save Mode is implemented by default. This allows you to reduce the power consumption of the amplifier.
The switching between the analog and the digital optical input signal is controlled. When an audio signal is detected on the "Optical Input", the processor goes to this input.

Other Specifications:

cross talk
> 90 dB at 10 kHz
Operating voltage 9.6-18 volts (5 sec to 6 volts)
Current consumption <450 mA
Dimensions (H x W x D) 40 x 177 x 120 mm



comes without cables. (what you see is what you buy )



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